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Facials & Skincare
Created to give optimum results to your skin leaving you feeling completely relaxed and revived

Each of our facials include an energy balancing massage of the face, neck and decollete as well as a head massage whilst your face masque is activating. Also included in the anti-aging facials is an anti-aging hand treatment.

Oe Organic Elements facials are designed to treat skin conditions from the most oily including acne to the most dry including deep wrinkles and sagging skin but also pay attention to the emotional state. All Oe treatments begin with a detoxifying, regulating treatment and all are prescriptive with professional organic skin care products being freshly prepared, promoting a completely active and fresh experience every time.

Each of our facials include an energy balancing massage of the face, neck and decollete as well as ahead massage whilst your face masque is activating. Also included in the anti-aging facials is an anti-aging hand treatment.

Facials & Skincare Prices

  • Enjoy Your Face £42 +

    De-stressing and detoxifying. Frees all toxins and purifies skin, improving moisture and elasticity. Giving you a truly unique face.
  • Easy Pureness £46 +

    Immediate purity for oily & impure skins, ideal for skins of all ages that tend to have blocked pores.
  • Emotional Balance £46 +

    Treatment for acne prone skin, helping to reduce redness and scarring by using calming and healing organic masks.
  • Emotions Away £48 +

    De-sensitising treatment for red sensitive skin bringing plant and sea elements to your skin to calm and restore its balance
  • Embracing Waters £48 +

    Treatment for dehydrated skin, feeds and nourishes to restore the skins natural elasticity and improves softness.
  • Exceptional Menu £50 +

    Treatment for dry skin to help increase moisture content and rebalance the skin, very relaxing and refreshing.
  • Eluding Time £50 +

    Revitalising and invigorating treatment for prematurely aged and tired skin caused by environmental and lifestyle factors.
  • Experience New Vitality £60 +

    Anti-time experience for deep lines & wrinkles, a repairing action which leads to a noticeable improvement in the condition of skin and diminishes fine lines. Includes back, neck and shoulder relaxing massage.
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More information about our facials and skincare

  • Product profile OE Organic Elements
  • Benefits of professional facials and skincare

Oe - Organic Elements is the luxury treatment experience with certified organic ingredients.

100% free from parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oils and animal derived ingredients.

Finished product not tested on animals but dermatologically tested, efficiency is tested and provided by clinical tests

Not just organic skin care but a conceptually designed organic skincare line with real applied science. Beautiful organic skin care products with global patents from an internationally renowned company with over 50 years research and development and with a result driven philosophy and freshly activated ingredient technology.

Oe organic elements skin care is your daily oasis of well being. It is the means to a perfect psycho-physical balance, contained in a comprehensive range of face and body products, created from a combination of rare and precious ingredients.

  1. Facials offer you the opportunity to work with a professional skin care specialist who will analyse your skin and customise the treatment to your skin’s specific needs.
  2. Professional exfoliation opens and unclog your pores. The professional form of exfoliation using either enzymes or fruit acids, leave your skin smooth, increase cellular turnover, soften lines and lighten skin discolouration to promote more even tone.
  3. Intense Hydration. Every skin type needs hydration. No matter if you have, oily, acne prone skin or dry and flakey skin, you're skin cells need water to survive. A facial will help regulate your skins moisture level for healthy hydrated skin!
  4. Deep cleaning for Pores & Black Heads. Our professional facial therapists use skin softening techniques and skilled methods to gently extract comedones, black heads and impurities without causing harm to the skin.
  5. Clearer Complexion. Getting monthly facials can help you get the beautiful, clear, glowing skin you deserve. The sun, smoke, clogging from make up, no sleep or improper home care regime can all have negative effects on our skin. Did you know when you fall asleep with your make-up on your skin really does age more - it’s a Fact!!
  6. Massage. Facial massage increases blood flow and circulation for glowing skin! This makes our skin have a youthful radiance, can reduce wrinkles and also has a calming effect on our senses.
  7. Deep Relaxation. Facials are very calming, relaxing and help de-stress you. Picture this - a dimly lit room, tranquil music and a warm comfy bed. Then you recieve a face, neck and shoulder massage. Studies have shown that stress can lead to unhealthy skin. So come in and de-stress.
  8. Skincare Advice. Our professional facial therapists will choose products with ingredients that will help your skin type. We will help you to understand your skin better and will only recommend products we feel will truly benefit you.
  9. High Potency. At Perfect Elegance all the products are professional grade and clients notice results within a short period of time.
  10. You Deserve it! Take just a couple of hours out of your busy schedule to pamper yourself. Nourish your skin, energize and clear your mind and skin.